Disneyland Time to Shine

Most Innovations students dream of big and professional stages at some point, and they don’t come much bigger than Disneyland! In October 2018, 22 of our seniors (aged 12-18, from both our Gorey and Arklow schools) jetted off to Paris to take part in ‘Time to Shine.’ This included performing in a working Disney venue and taking part in a Musical Theatre workshop with industry professionals. They also got the chance to  get feedback from a West End performer, a casting director, a drama school teacher and a talent agent. Their main performance included a dance and a drama piece improvised by the group under the direction of Anne Shumate. They got excellent feedback from the panel.

To raise money towards the trip, the group took part in a number of events throughout the summer, culminating in the ‘Time to Shine’ show in September – a full-length variety show including drama, dance and singing which went down  a storm with the audiences.

What a great opportunity for learning, performance and adventure, as well as flying the flag for Ireland! We were thrilled for these young students to be able enhance what they are already learning in Innovations, to get the chance to travel together and to make lasting memories and friendships. For some pictures from the trip click here: Time to Shine Image Sheet




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